About AllU2

First of all, thank you for taking the time to click this page to learn more about me and my addiction to the Greatest Rock Band in The World. My name is Chris. I live outside of Detroit, Michigan and have been a U2 fan since 1983, when I first saw the Sunday Bloody Sunday video on MTV. I work in the media and have been fortunate to make some incredible friends over the years. Sometimes these friends come through with U2 tips and info, but mostly, this blog is full of things I find online. I wanted to create a place I could bring all the U2 info and news and media together in one place to share with other U2ters.

What is a U2ter? It's a made-up name a friend of mine and I came up with one day in my studio at work. A U2ter is you. It's me. It's an active U2 fan who shares the band through social media, but who also knows the band and understands the band. Someone who feels the soul of the band, and isn't just a casual fan. Someone who knows the music, influences and life of the band. Most importantly, though, a U2ter is someone who has been affected by U2 internally. Whether you be lifted, comforted, taught, or kicked in the ass, if you've felt U2's music in your soul and been filled with it, you are a U2ter.

There are so many amazing U2 websites, and I enjoy finding them and following them. This blog is nowhere near as nice as many U2 sites, but that's not my goal. I am here, as one fan, to share my experiences, my info, my perspective, and sometimes sources, with you. U2 fans are like no other. There is something that happens to a crowd during a live show, that I don't see at other artist's concerts. U2 fans, U2ters, are a special breed and I have met so many amazing people since starting this blog and the twitter account. I hope to capture some of that here, on my blogspot blog, that's not super flashy, nor spectacular.

It's just me.

And I am a U2ter, who loves sharing U2 with others.

Welcome to All U2, All The Time. Thank you for visiting.

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