March 31, 2009

Bono is NOT in Florida...or is he?

From The Examiner:

Bono sighting in Central Florida
March 30, 3:04 PM 

 - They say you can’t believe everything you see. Chances are if you attended the Arnold Palmer InvitationalU2 may have experienced a Bono sighting. Well, not really Bono, but actually professional impersonator Pavel Sfera from California. A few years ago I met Pavel at the Reel Awards in Las Vegas, and later had the chance to work with him in the film Bamboo Shark. Sfera is originally from Yugoslavia, and has a very interesting background and family history which he is currently writing about.

Besides his striking resemblance, Pavel, like Bono also works as an activist and humanitarian. He has said “Even a small contribution can make a difference in the global fight with poverty, hunger, war and injustice. I know how music can be a powerful force in eliminating world problems as every bit of work helps in ways seen and unseen. I spent time in Romania working with handicapped orphans as a music therapist, and saw the dramatic changes from the children who were bed redden all their lives, literally learning to walk, and even dance to my guitar playing.”

The recent trip to Orlando by Sfera was for a performance at Hard Rock Café Universal. The event which was private was produced by Trina Day of Peyton and Day Entertainment. Sfera performed his live Bono Tribute then afterwards he mixed and mingled with the crowd.

After the event Sfera, and Glenn Reichle friend and fellow James Bond double, went out on the town. The sight of the two of them together gave a thrill to partygoers at Blue martini, Bar BQ, and Beluga clubs. One thing led to another, and by Sunday Pavel found himself invited to the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

Said Sfera , “My hosts at Bay Hill took me around the golf course. We talked a lot about Bono and his charitable works all over, of which I'm more than familiar, and able to share the same kind of passion for charity and justice.

The few at Bay Hill that knew that I was not Bono, often had friends at the tournament come by to take photos, just to have their friends get a jolt of "What the heck is Bono doing at a golf tournament?" A few VIPs and even a few Board Executives were in on the fun. Mostly nice people wanting to play a little prank with photos etc. I signed a few programs...not as Bono, but usually leave a one line note like "Love every day", or "All about Jesus". Never with a signature. Most of the time I kept to myself to actually watch the game. Saw Tiger win, while I was in the Skybox per invitation. I had a couple of local friends with I was a little safe from the crowd. But as a few of us walked around...especially the girls, they love to see the expressions on their friends' faces as we passed them. One of the girls actually put her arm around me as we passed one of her former boyfriends.”

Stories like this prove you never know who you might run into in Central Florida.

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