March 4, 2009

IGN Ranks U2

IGN has posted their review/rankings of U2's twelve studio albums.

Here's the link

What do you think? I'm not so sure about the order.....


  1. OK, you roped me in. I can't list the "best" because it's so subjective to opinion and personal taste. So instead, I'll give you my top three personal faves:

    1. The Joshua Tree
    2. Achtung Baby
    2. The Unforgettable Fire
    2. All That You Can't...
    3. War
    3. How To Dismantle...
    3. Boy

    * can't place NLOTH yet but wow, it is really getting in my head!!!!

  2. now that I made my list, I followed the link and read their list. Seems like we align ourselves at the top, but I wish everyone would stop slagging POP because it really is a great album! It's a rhythmic departure so I get that not all U2 fans will follow them down that path, but there's some brilliant and complex layered songs on that album.

  3. I agree about the slagging of POP. It really is a great U2 album, full of classic U2 sounds that, as you said, are layered into the music.