April 21, 2009

Bono signs deal with NY Times

Found this on onedayblog.com:

I've copied and pasted it here for you to read. To see it on its original page, click here.


Bono, lead singer for U2, has been asked by the old Gray Lady of the newspaper business, the New York Times, to become a regular contributor to its widely read and liberal leaning editorial page, said a Times spokeswoman last week.

“We have asked Bono to write an occasional column for the paper next year covering a range of subjects, but are still finalizing the details,” said the spokeswoman.

Bono, who has made a regular practice of embracing such political hot topics as global warming, presidential elections, and humanitarian crises, and a second career of twitting the noses of the high-minded and powerful, offered no immediate comment.

Long known for its coverage of the arts and sciences, business, real estate and economics, the New York Times, the worlds largest and most powerful newspaper, has a long-standing practice of inviting the well-known and well regarded to grace the columns of its editorial page. Along the highlight of its storied career was its role, during the Vietnam War, of publishing the Pentagon Papers, pursuing president Nixon and his band of Whitewater cohorts and, in 1988, being among the first to declare Madonna’s acting in Speed-The-Plow, the play by screenwriter David Mamet, to be one-dimensional and wooden.

The Times has experienced deep troubles of late, recording on the same day it announced its pursuit of U2 lead singer Bono, that its third-quarter profits dropped a staggering 51%.

The New York Times Co.’s credit rating was consequently lowered by Standard & Poor’s, an announcement that will likely make it more expensive for the New York Times to borrow money in the future.

On a more positive note, the New York Times online and Internet business ventures, including well-known site at about.com, saw revenues increase 16% despite the current economic downturn and pending recession.

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