April 17, 2009

Guitar Hero: U2?

Would you play Guitar Hero: U2?

Found this story on this blog about bands that the writer thinks should be on Guitar Hero. Click the link to read the whole post.

What do you think?

Here's the U2 part of the post, copied and pasted from the original post:


Guitar Hero: U2

U2 has more Grammy’s than any other artist ever and are on most lists of the greatest bands of all time. They have tons of top selling albums and high grossing tours. Bono is one of the most recognizable people in the world and The Edge gets his name thrown in some discussions of great guitar players. So why no U2? When it was rumored awhile back that there would be a U2 Guitar Hero game coming, one of the biggest beefs was that they didn’t “rock hard enough”. Others claimed they already had their fill of Bono. In this particular situation I think this game would be a perfect fit for their fans, who enjoy the whole “U2 experience”, and may not have as much interest to many others. DLC packs of their music would probably be enough for them.


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