April 16, 2009

Opening Night - First Song will be...

It's opening night in Barcelona, June 30th. The lights have dropped and the show is about to start. What will U2 open with?

It seems logical that something from NLOTH would do the job, but this is U2, and with U2, you just never know.

I added a poll to the sidebar, with the tracklist from NLOTH, and 2 others I can kinda see being slim options for opening night.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I went with UC, but the second one that came to mind was Fez-Being Born, because of the sense of beginning it has... It'll be interesting to see what they really use.

  2. i think FEZ, because it's got that epic beginning...

  3. Good call on FEZ. I hadn't thought about how that could work, but you guys are right. That could be a dramatic show opener!