April 18, 2009

U23D - Cheaper than a live show

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The U2 3D Movie: A Great Recession Date

We just came back from seeing U2 3D at the Liberty Science Center. Besides the Beatles, U2 is my husband’s favorite band so I knew he’d love to see their 3D movie for Husband Appreciation Day. It is only playing there this Sat and Sun (until April 19th) that is why I’m posting this right away, so if you are a U2 fan, make sure to go! Tickets are $11.25 per person! (much cheaper than the $45 concert tix). I think the shows are at 5:15 and 7:45 PM.
When you first walk into the theater they handed us these glasses to put on. It was my first 3D movie and I thought it was really cool. The effects were tremendous and you felt like you saw the band and the audience response from all kinds of perspectives. Although I’ve been to a real U2 concert once with my husband, I found that I grasped the meaning of the songs better in the movie theater. Many of the songs were about peace and love and had a message of unity and hope. When I looked over at my husband he was smiling and I knew that he liked it.
We went to Liberty State Park (within which the Liberty Science Center resides). The park is beautiful and it has many benches with water views of the skyline, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It is a romantic free spot to sit or walk on a date.
So if you just can’t make it to see U2 3D at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ, you can go see Harry Potter in 3D or just wait to see what’s playing there next. Less than $25 for a great date for two is a recession special!
I’m not sure if U2 3D is playing at any IMAX theaters in Manhattan or in other boroughs anymore. I tried checking just now and I think it’s come and gone. So, this may be your last chance for awhile! So grab your date and sing ‘One’ and then go take her for a walk under the stars at Liberty State Park. Enjoy!
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