June 9, 2009

All U2 = You

In three weeks' time, U2 will kick off their U2360 Tour in Barcelona. The Claw, as it's come to be called, is already in Barcelona, and the band will be rehearsing on the stage very soon. There has been a ton of talk on many U2 blogs about the setlist this time around. My sources have told me the same things you probably already know: U2 will change it up this time around. I've been told, and it's been reported, that U2 will drop songs they feel are not relevant for this tour, and will play some that they've not played before, or haven't in a long time.

A band as big as U2 has countless fans across the planet. I'd love to hear from you as the tour progresses. If you'll be at a show, or in a city where a show is happening, or you've gotten info to report about the tour, I'd love to have you share it with AllU2 readers.

You can follow me on twitter at Twitter.com/allu2. Follow me, I'll follow you and retweet a setlist or any relevant news about the tour, as it happens, and follow up with posts here on the blog.

I'm just a fan who happens to work in radio and have a few connections. I don't have a shiny website and you have many U2 sites to pick from. I write this blog to express my passion for U2 and I invite you to join me in the experience. It should be a fun summer!

Thanks for reading my blog today!

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