June 30, 2009

Pics from Barcelona! Updated!

Updating this in real time. See the time stamp at the bottom to keep track of when new ones are updated.

From @thedags on twitter:

From U2gigs:

Snow Patrol on stage right now:

Thanks to @stybbe on twitter for this pic of his view at the show! You can see the bottom of The Claw and the stage in the distance, and in front of him is the "B-stage" if you will.

Apparantly the bridge between the stage and circle rotates? See below:

From @atu2 on twiter. A pic of the GA/Inner Circle Bracelet and Stamp:

From U2gigs:

Masks for every seat, photo from U2gigs:

From @U2tour on twitter:

Merchandise (Photo from @u2tour)

View from the ring, from U2Tour:

From http://twitter.com/Principinho:

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