June 10, 2009

Is Bono Being Boycotted?

(My membership to All Access is acting funny, so I can't access the article. But I am hearing from sources that this article might have some truth to it. If I get the full story or other info from my sources, I'll pass it along to you.)


Here Is A Special Bulletin From AllAccess.com

Is Bono Being Boycotted?

Which top-selling artist purportedly had his new single yanked from some radio stations playlists in retaliation for supporting royalties for musicians? THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reports no one involved will name the recording artist, but his no-play treatment by several radio stations is alleged in a complaint filed with the FCC and obtained by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. It claims recording artists are being threatened and intimidated.

For all the details, log on to AllAccess.com right now!

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