June 30, 2009

Monumentally Excitng

From U2.com:

'Monumentally Exciting'

30 June 2009

Wednesday, 10th June 2009. Barcelona. Production build.

We've been plugging away on this first build for the past couple of days and we're getting somewhere close to getting it more or less finished. One slight complication has been that tonight, right on the football pitch at the stadium, there's a Nike convention. Interesting. Apparently it was booked decades ago, so we have to work round it. It hasn't been too painful, other than our not yet having been able to build the mix position (the control tower at front of house) so we haven't been able to switch anything on yet.

Still, even in its dormant state what we have is monumentally exciting and, well, monumental. Most of the performance stage is now assembled and feels very comfortable. Standing centre stage and surveying the all-around vista of grandstand seats I couldn't help but think that if I was a rock star, I'd be deeply happy to be able to play to an audience this way. The video screen (yes, we're having one) is now complete and is a thing of exquisite beauty. Even the sound system is beautiful in a humungous sort of a way.

Work had to finish at 5pm to let the Nike people do their thing. This wasn't too much of a hardship as the crew have been working round the clock since we got here, so an evening off will do everyone the world of good. Actually, in a party town like Barcelona it'll probably do some of them a great deal of damage but they're grown-ups able to make their own decisions.

On departure from the stadium, Jake (our production manager) wondered if we should leave a huge 'Adidas' logo up on video screen for the evening. It was tempting, I confess.

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