June 29, 2009

One Step Closer To Knowing

The buildup has been fun and exciting. There has been so much to blog about and tweet about. Very soon the mystery will change. Show One will reveal the setlist, and once that mystery is solved, a new one begins: How will the show change during the tour? What songs will appear on what nights? What surprises will happen that even the greatest U2 websites won't know are coming? How will the order of songs change as the band works out the set list of this living, evolving organism called a Live U2 Show.

But, to get to those questions, we must endure 2 days of speculation and excitement. So, let the music play, I say. Crank up U2 wherever you are. Revisit your old favorites and brush up on the new stuff. Let the excitement of this new horizon fill you up and lift you up. Reach out to your fellow U2 fans, and share your stories of the past, and the present, and dream out loud of the future.


This is U2. This is Our Band.

And I am happy to repost any tweet or comment you have, no matter how big or small, or how often you send it, as the tour begins and continues across the world. Send me anything you have. Pics, videos, song by song lists, Bono said this or that, etc. This is the reason I started this blog and twitter account. Cuz it's All U2 All The Time, baby!!!!!

My twitter account is: http://twitter.com/AllU2

From this point forward, there truly is no line on the horizon!

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