June 22, 2009

A Source Told Me That This Song May Also Appear:

I trust my source. I don't trust the band, because the future is always in motion for them, and even if this info is true, it may not be when the tour begins, which then makes my sources info no longer valid.

But, for now, as it stands, I just learned that U2 is practicing "Seconds" from War, to use in the live show this time around. Our conversation got me excited because I'd love to hear the old U2 songs done with Bono's voice now, with the current sound of U2.

This song was not on the leaked rehearsal setlist from Barcelona, so take it as you will. I can not confirm anything, and I don't like spreading unfounded rumors. However, I trust my source. Had this info come from someone else, I'd not put as much weight on it.

My source also speculated, based on his knowledge, and this is just his speculation...he has no knowledge of this...but he speculates that even older stuff, like Touch, or A Celebration have been tossed around the room with the band. This is not confirmed, and my source will not confirm it, but it's still an interesting thing to think about.

Again, take this as you want. I am not in the game of spreading unfounded rumors. Sometimes the info I get from my source comes true and some times it doesn't. Because of his status, I consider his info to be worth of passing along to you.

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