June 24, 2009

Your U2 "skip-overs"

During an e-mail conversation with a friend of mine, who also has the same passion for U2, the notion that every album has one "skip" on it, came up. We were e-mailing about our thoughts on the songs U2 has rehearsed in Barcelona for the upcoming U2360 Tour and what would be fun to see live. I told him I had heard a rumor from a source just this morning, with no confirmation at all, that Acrobat was an option for U2 this time around as well.

To quote him: "every album has one song you hit "skip." for me, it's Acrobat, Drowning Man, Stranger in a Strange Land, One Step Closer, Wild Honey, Some Days Are Better than Others, Fez... not that they are bad, just that they don't stand up to the rest of the album. Maybe they weren't finished (in my mind) and need a little more tinkering to make them great songs. Some of them are just too repetitive, like Stranger and Some Days."

This made me go back and think about any U2 songs I just sort of automatically skip without thinking, when they come up on my iPod. Not that I don't like them, I just find myself not often in the mood to listen to them.

I couldn't find one on every U2 album, but here are the songs I've skipped recently:

A Man And A Woman
The Refugee
Love Rescue Me
Wild Honey

What are yours?


  1. I haven't really thought about it but I know I skip New York and All because of you. And sometimes No line on the horizon.

  2. I used to skip New York, when it first came out, then I saw it live. Like many U2 songs, it was so good live that the album couldn't live up to it.

    Thanks for sharing yours!

  3. How could you skip Love Rescue Me, you dirty pirate hooker?!

  4. Spike, you are lucky I know you...LOL!