July 22, 2009

The Claw Cake

Found this on U2.com. Funny, because I was just thinking of having Ace of Cakes make a Claw cake, and here is one! Made in Barcelona! Check it out. It's white and dark chocolate:

From the Diary of Willie Williams on U2.com:

The show finished and the band took their bows, hugs all round at front of house with a certain knowledge that it had been OK - more than OK, it was a triumph and now we can go and celebrate. I ended up at a party by the pool at the Hotel Fabulous and the giant cake version of the stage ended up there too. At some point in the wee small hours I was handed a large knife and nominated the man most qualified to cut into this thing. It turned out not to be a cake at all, but all chocolate. It wasn't bad, either - the PA was particularly tasty. There was also a chocolate band on stage and Dennis our tour manager ate the chocolate Larry, which I found slightly disturbing. Tom, our video director, tucked into one of the structure legs which turned out to be made of a little known Spanish delicacy - chocolate covered wood. Most amusing.

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