July 8, 2009

Milan: With Or Without You: Zoo TV Style

Here's my version of a ZooTV moment. Three camera views of U2's With Or Without You, live from Milan on 7/7/09. To make these play in harmony, start the first video, then 4 seconds later start the 2nd video, then if brave enough, 4 seconds after starting the 2nd video, start the last one.

Depending on your computer speed and internet connection, you may have to adjust these times a bit by quickly pausing/unpausing the vids to get them in sync. The top video is the loudest and best audio quality, where the last 2 have good views to help match up with the audio.

HINT: Start each one first to get it queued up, and pause it or rewind back to zero, so when you start it again, it has no delay.

Let me know if this works for you! If you can get them in sync before the 1:50 mark, you'll be in for some VERY cool moments around 2 minutes in and again at 4 minutes in...

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