July 3, 2009

U2: Barcelona 2 (7/2/09) Video setlist

Before the show, the GA line:

1. Breathe:

2. No Line On The Horizon:

3. Get On Your Boots:

4. Magnificent:

5. Beautiful Day:

I still haven't found...

For this one, you can do something VERY cool: Play the first video to :39.5 - :40 seconds, then start the bottom video, and you will have both in sync (or close) to enjoy 2 views of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. It's kinda cool, and very Zoo-TV! (If your comp is fast, you should be able to pause/unpause whichever video is faster to get them in sync, if you want it perfect)


Party Girl:

Electrical Storm:

Unknown Caller:

Unforgettable Fire:

City Of Blinding Lights:


I'll Go Crazy Remix:

Sunday Bloody Sunday:


Walk On:




With Or Without You:

I'll Go Crazy:

Moment of Surrender:

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