July 11, 2009

U2 in Paris tonight!

The Kaiser Chiefs are opening for U2 tonight in Paris, and here is a pic from inside the stadium:

Click to enlarge:

Pic from bduperrin:
Nearly full..almost everybody has arrived. The show can begin... on Twitpic

Pic from badwisdom:

From ThomasChiroux:

From sebmade:
#U2 #concert another shot on Twitpic

Pic from johnpitois:
U2 show tonight ! on Twitpic

From Vicnent:
First part U2 360 H-1.5 on Twitpic

From besim:
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

From romainlibeau:
La fausse du concert #U2 on Twitpic

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