July 29, 2009

U2 iPod360

One of the rare downfalls of being so into U2 is that there are hardly any surprises at live shows. When I get my chance to see U2360 in person, I will do so with knowledge of what they've played so far and what they might play that night. I'll also be able to make educated guesses should they throw a change or two in.

I do miss the feeling of surprise, and find myself watching all the videos from the tour, and listening to all the boots from the tour, loving the sound of a crowd reacting in joyous surprise and recognition.

So, because I am a geek, and am addicted to U2, I grabbed my U2 iPod, selected my U2 playlist, which is hundreds of songs, and hit shuffle. I pictured myself in the crowd at a U2 show and just let the songs play as my iPod randomly picked them. I counted the first 22 songs as the main show and added three for the "encore" to see what would come up.

Have you ever done that Facebook iPod note that went around earlier this year? This is kinda like that....lol.

At times, it was a strange vibe from song to song, and at others, it just worked too perfect.

Here was the "setlist" from this try. These are the first 25 songs that came up on shuffle.

Pop Muzik
Zoo Station
Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Beautiful Day
Fast Cars
Indian Summer Sky
Instant Karma
Staring At The Sun
Running To Stand Still
Love And Peace or Else
Even Better Than The Real Thing
The Sweetest Thing
Fortunate Son
Walk To The Water
Van Diemen's Land

Party Girl
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
New Year's Day

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