August 21, 2009

AllU2 Calendar

I am testing out a U2 "On This Day" calendar at the bottom of the blog. This is a work in progress and in its infancy as I post this. As I begin to fill it in, the calendar will show you tour dates of all U2 live shows with the setlist of each one, along with U2 news such as album releases, birthdays, and special events in the history of the band.

In each case, click on the event to open it up. Many events will have additional notes for you to read. Just click the event to see them. However, the formatting on Google Calendar is a bit weird, so just click "more details" to advance to a full page with proper formatting.

Hopefully that makes sense. To recap:

1. Click the event.
2. Click "more details" and enjoy the notes.

It is a work in progress, and potentially a massive undertaking, so expect it to continually be updated with new events and dates. I hope you enjoy the journey and find it worth your while to check out regularly.

As always, my fellow U2ter, thanks for reading the blog!

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