August 4, 2009

Bono Speaks about Hypocrisy

Find this great article here, which sums up what all real U2 fans already know...U2 are not perfect. They are flawed like us, but they recognize it and they use it in amazing ways to be the people they are and create the music they create.

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Here's a quick blurp from the article:

He knows why some people don't like him. "I can be annoying," he says with a grin. "I have a kind of annoying gene." But he seems understandably tired of the allegation that he's just a messianic blowhard. It's a cliche, he thinks, to attribute what he does to mere ego. "As Delmore Schwartz said, 'Ego is always at the wheel.' It's just with rock stars, it's more obvious. The need to be loved and admired doesn't come from a particularly pretty place. But people tend to do a lot of great things with it. Ego, yes, but the ego that's in everything human beings are capable of. Without ego, things would be so dull."
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