September 23, 2009

...and God walked through the room

There has always been a place that U2 takes me when they perform live. The show is an evolving, living, breathing thing that kicks your ass and kisses it at the same time. It comforts you, challenges you, and reminds you that there is something deeper happening in the world around you. For me, there have been moments in each tour that take me to a different place. Moments that give me glimpses of soul, which bring me closer to being the man I want to be...the man I could be.

Bono has said that when they play Streets live, it's like God suddenly walked through the room. There is something happening on a deeper level that I can not explain at this late hour, but in my world, there is no greater live song on the planet than this one. How they transition into Streets is sometimes as magical as the song itself.

And they are doing it again on the North American tour. To hear the beautiful melody of Amazing Grace come out of One, and into Streets, only validates Bono's words, because for me, at that moment, God does walk through the room. Amazing Grace has special, personal significance in my life, on two levels,  having been sung at my late grandfather's funeral. A kind, gentle soul, who I was truly blessed to be related to. It was also sung by my best man at my wedding, and was one of those moments in your life you never forget.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Just my opinion, as I listen at 1am to the Toronto I bootleg, and find myself tired and introspective, with not much articulation to back it up. But, I hope it makes sense. I'm off to sleep, feeling filled by the beauty of this band.

Good night, U2ters.

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