September 19, 2009

Bono gives an 8-year old boy an amazing moment

Taken from Global News:

An 8-year-old London boy had the experience of a lifetime Thursday night when U2's lead singer lifted him on stage at a sold-out concert at the Rogers Centre.
Thousands watched as Lucas Zara was hoisted into the waiting arms of Bono on a catwalk above him.

"This is like the greatest moment of my life," Lucas told Global News in an exclusive interview on Friday.

Lucas was on stage for the entirety of "City of Blinding Lights", a moment that was watched and recorded by thousands.

"We made eye contact and he gestured to put him up," said Russ Zara, Lucas' father.

"I'm just looking at the people, I'm with Bono!", Lucas said. "(It was) just cool."
For what felt like a lifetime, Lucas cheered on the crowd, got to try on Bono's glasses and ran around the stage hand-in-hand with the band's lead singer.

"It wasn't me up on stage, but a part of me was up stage," Russ said, "so i just reveled in the moment with him."

Concert-goer Martin Janssen not only witnessed Lucas' moment on Thursday night, but he can understand the feeling.

In 2005, during U2's Vertigo Tour in Boston, Bono invited Janssen and his friends to join him on stage.

"Even now, fours years after, I look at the video and the pictures and i think what a night it was," said Janssen.

Lucas' moment was caught by a number of audience members and he is quickly becoming a "youtube" sensation.

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  1. lucky Lucas! i really envy you! :)

  2. He also did it in Toronto, with a young girl.