September 10, 2009

U2 and Liam Neeson?

Taken from Daryl Lorette 4.0. (I am not sure of the blog's validity, so read this with that in mind) 

 Fellow Irishmen Liam Neeson and U2 frontman Bono are teaming up for a film about a washed-up singer who finds a new lease on life in the U.S.

Neeson, who lost his wife Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident in Quebec this year, will portray an alcoholic performer drinking his life away in The Virgin of Las Vegas, according to Variety magazine.

Bono will produce and back the film, which has a budget of $14 million US.

The script was written by another Irishman, Horslips band member Barry Devlin.

Bono's foray into the film world is not new. He produced the 1995 documentary Miss Sarajevo, as well as the Wim Wenders movie The Million Dollar Hotel, in which the singer appeared.

The Virgin of Las Vegas will focus on the world of showbands — a unique Irish pop culture phenomenon from the pre-television era in which cover bands attracted massive followings.

Neeson's character, a fading Irish showband singer, will find his life "turned on its head following the arrival of a mysterious stranger," according to the Variety report.

Neeson's upcoming screen appearances include remakes of Clash of the Titans and The A-Team, as well as Atom Egoyan's Chloe, which Neeson was filming in Toronto when his wife died.

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