October 3, 2009

Songs of Ascent

Taken from U2.com:

03 October 2009

'I definitely think we should do something good as soon as we possibly can, as opposed to quickly.' Larry explains to Brian Hiatt in the new edition of Rolling Stone. 'I'm feeling that it's the unfinished songs from this record that we should be concentrating on. I think there's a part two of this record. That would be my instinct, would be to complete this...'

'We're sort of spoiled for choice right now,' adds Edge, 'Because there's a bunch of amazing pieces that we didn't finish from the work we did in Fez, and there's the songs we started with Rick Rubin, some of which are amazing songs that I'd love to get back to at some point.'

Bono wants ' a few pop songs on it.' ' So I would like, even on Songs of Ascent, songs that have a shot at that. I would like to come back with a new single in the spring - 'Every Breaking Wave' was Jimmy Iovine's favorite song, and lots of people got upset when we took that off.'

Get the new edition for the big long read or shoot over to RollingStone.com. for some more choice extracts.

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