October 9, 2009

U2 - Rochester NY Replay Sunday

My first ever U2 show came in Rochester NY on October 11th, 1987, during the Joshua Tree Tour. It rained and was a miserable day, but an amazing night. Bono's arm was in a sling, yet he didn't phone it in.

Rochester radio station 100.5 The Drive is doing a replay of the show. Not entirely sure if they have the bootleg, which is poor quality, or if they are mixing live songs from the tour together, or just playing studio versions. Either way, if you live in Rochester it might be worth checking out. I'll be checking it out online, for sure!

On Sunday October 11th, 1987, U2 played Silver Stadium on the historic Joshua Tree tour.

On Sunday October 11th, 2009, the Drive will recreate this historic concert, song for song.

The concert will begin at 6pm this Sunday (the approximate time they took the stage 22 years ago), commercial free, on 100.5 the Drive.

Setlist below

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