December 20, 2009

RIP Brittany Murphy

This is not a U2 post, but as a U2 fan, I am human and find sadness in the death of a 32-year old actress, who also starred in one of the best movies I've seen: 8 Mile.

Here is the story from the NY Daily news. I am sure more details will come, because she was VERY thin. But, for the moment, I feel terrible for her husband and family.

32 years old.

Too soon.

NY Daily News:

Movie star Brittany Murphy is dead of a heart attack at 32.
She went into full cardiac arrest early Sunday  and could not be revived, the Website TMZ reported.
The Los Angeles City Fire Department got a call from the home of Murphy's husbandSimon Monjack about 8 a.m., fire officials told TMZ.
She was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead on arrival
Murphy starred in "8 Mile," and "Don't Say a Word."
The starlet became a household name among teens in 1995 as the sidekick in "Clueless," who went from awkward wall flower to snotty hottie.
A few years ago, she released the single "Faster Kill Pussycat," which became a dance club hit.
Her last big movie was "Sin City" in 2005.

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