December 17, 2009

U2: Top Tour of 2009

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Full recap of U2 appearances on Billboard's year-end of decade-end charts

@U2, December 14, 2009

Billboard magazine has published dozens of lists recapping its chart tracking for both 2009 and the entire decade. The most jaw-dropping chart is the Top Touring Artists of the Decade, where U2 ranks number twooverall with nearly a billion dollars in gross revenue from touring -- $844,157,925 to be exact. The Rolling Stones are first, beating U2 by a paltry $25 million.

Billboard's numbers show U2 selling 9,869,953 tickets during the decade, second to the seemingly always-on-tour Dave Matthews Band (11,230,696). As for the 2009 calendar year, the U2 360 tour is ranked number one with more than $311 million gross and more than three million tickets sold.

Here's a look at U2's other appearances on Billboard's end-of-year and end-of-decade charts.

  • #1 Touring Artist of 2009
  • #2 Touring Artist of the decade
  • #19 in 2009 "The Billboard 200 Artists" (whatever that means; they were not in "Hot 100 Artists" nor in "Top Artists")
  • #9 in 2009 Digital Album Artist of 2009
  • #87 in Artists of the Decade (but not in "Hot 100 Artists" of the decade)
  • #44 on "The Billboard 200 Artists" of the decade
  • #25 Top Rock Song Artist of the decade
All That You Can't Leave Behind

#68 on "The Billboard 200 Albums" of the decade

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

#124 on "The Billboard 200 Albums" of the decade

No Line On The Horizon
  • #18 The Billboard 200 Albums of 2009
  • #5 Top Rock Albums of 2009
  • #12 Top Digital Albums of 2009
  • #25 Top Digital Albums of the decade
  • #4 Top Alternative Albums of 2009
  • #5 Top European Albums of 2009
  • #18 Top Canadian Albums of 2009
The Best of 1980-1990

#41 Top Catalog Albums of the decade

"Beautiful Day"

#90 Top Rock Songs of the decade


#96 European Hot 100 Singles of 2009

"Get On Your Boots"

#99 European Hot 100 Singles of 2009
If you're curious, Billboard says its charts are "calculated using custom formulas collecting sales, streaming and radio play."

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