January 9, 2010

AllU2: Goom Radio

In the distant future, there WILL be a full-blown AllU2 radio, which I will do right when I have the right resources and system. Being in the radio business, I want to be sure that when I do create the AllU2 radio station, its as good as I am envisioning. Until that time, I will mess with services like this.

Goom Radio is a new online radio service run by an old radio friend of mine, and I've set up a VERY basic AllU2 station on it. It's free and kinda fun to mess around with, and you can program it any way you want. Anyone can sign up and create their own station, so I did...lol.

Here is the link to my basic attempt at an AllU2 radio. Due to the limited amount of U2 songs available on the service, I had to add other bands to the station, like Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Bowie, Green Day, and any others who've been somehow associated with U2....(with a few other personal favs that fit the style...like Collective Soul and Ani DiFranco)

Hope you like....lemme know your honest thoughts.

AllU2 Radio on Goom. Click Me

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