March 18, 2010

Bono: St Patrick's Day

Celebrity Baby Scoop wrote an article on 5 Irish Dads, and included a paragraph about Bono, that I pasted below. Other dad's mentioned were: Colin Ferrell, Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson and Ed Burns. To read the entire thing including Bono's section, click here.


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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With 5 Irish Celeb Dads
Get your green on, it's St. Patrick's Day!

Mar 17, 2010 by JENNY

Bono, born Paul Hewson to a Protestant mother and a Catholic father, was raised in Dublin, Ireland where he met his wife Ali and the future members of U2. Bono grew up in the Northside suburb of Glasnevin.
The sexy U2 frontman is no stranger to the links between economic depression, bigotry and terrorism. The Sandinistas and the troubles in Ireland were Bono's main concerns when the band came on the scene in 1978. Five years later, Bono was married to his high school sweetheart, Ali Stewart, and both became involved in Bob Geldof's Live Aid work.
After 35 years of marriage, Bono and Ali have four children: daughters Jordan, 20, Memphis, 18, and sons Elijah, 10 and John, 8. The biggest rockstar on the planet opened up to Oprah how his Irish upbringing affects his philanthropic efforts.
"Growing up in Ireland was part of it—the simple, practical life of Irish people. Wherever you go in Africa, you find an Irish priest or a young nun," Bono said. "My people have been supportive. The Irish can be annoying—and I'm one of them—but they really are good," the 49-year-old rocker said about his people. "Irish women are very informed and very vocal," Bono said with a laugh. "And I should know, because I'm living with one, and it's hard to keep up."

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