April 11, 2010

U2 and The Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers PanoramicImage by Bravo Whiskey via Flickr
Taken from Philly.com.

Interesting to see how U2's music is used as inspiration here:

U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" blared through the speakers as the Flyers' entered their locker room after Saturday's brief practice at the Skate Zone in Voorhees.



The Flyers need a win against the New York Rangers Sunday to clinch a playoff berth - and, maybe, just maybe, to avoid major changes in the off-season.

With a loss, it could be Sunday Bloody Sunday for the makeup of this team and the front office.
The song can have a positive (as in, we're going to pound the Rangers) or a negative (as in, heads will roll with a loss) connotation.

Defenseman Chris Pronger said the music was inspiring.

"Hopefully, we can take the words of the song and use them," he said. "We'll take any karma we can get, as long as it's good."

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