April 3, 2010

U2 New Album: June 1st?

U2 - Toronto - Sept 17th 2009Image by rchappo2002 via Flickr
Taken from Metro News in Canada, and the radio genius, Alan Cross. If you live in Toronto, or Buffalo, you will know Alan Cross for his "Ongoing History of New Music" series, which in my opinion is one of the best and most incredibly well-written shows in radio history.

Here is what I found on the site:

Songs of Ascent, U2 (June 1?): With the 360 tour set to restart on June 3, U2 may have a new album to work into its set. Those hoping for a shift back to the band’s classic sound after No Line on the Horizon may be in for a disappointment. Bono has been quoted as saying this album features a “marked shift in sound” and is a “reflective, meditative piece of work.”  If the rumoured June 1 release date is correct — no guarantees — we should see a single very soon. But other rumours suggest that we’ll get a single in June with a full album in September.  
Meanwhile, U2 fans can sort through Artificial Horizon (May 14), a collection of remixes of No Line on the Horizon songs created by artists such as Trent Reznor and Hot Chip, the British electronic outfit. There’s also the possibility of a DVD of last year’s YouTube-streamed show in Pasadena on May 21. And did I mention the Achtung Baby deluxe reissue that may hit stores in September?
The Ongoing History Of New Music can be heard on stations across Canada. Read more
at ongoinghistory.com and exploremusic.com

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