April 17, 2010

U2's World Cup Project

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Soweto Gospel Choir joins U2 on world cup project
Nadia Neophytou 3 Days Ago

Two-time Grammy winning group Soweto Gospel Choir has collaborated with international group U2 
on a world cup project.

The artists have created music for a series of inserts about 
South Africa that will be featured on sports channel ESPN during the big tournament.

From June 11, ESPN will use music that has been specially recorded by Soweto Gospel Choir and U2.

 “This is something very exciting for the choir considering U2 is such a big rock band,” said the choir’s Lucas Bok.

The collaboration will appear in every program throughout ESPN’s presentation of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

The choir first sang with U2 on stage at the inaugur
al 46664 concert.

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