April 27, 2010

UF2: The Unforgettable Fire Tribute Band

I have never seen them live, but have hit their website often. Being an addicted U2 fan, I tend to dismiss anything that tries to give me what U2 does, because it can't measure up. Well, in my limited time with The Unforgettable Fire, an amazing U2 tribute band, I have discovered myself getting just enough from them to make it worth my time.

These guys look and feel like U2. The stage presence and the sound accurately capture the unique qualities of a live U2 show. For that, I'd highly recommend you check them out.


If you've seen them live, I'd love to hear about your experience at the show.

U2 fans are on a different level than fans of another band. U2 fans truly come together at a live show, and do become one. It an amazing transformation, as the energy and emotion resonating from U2 is absorbed within the crowd and reborn as a connected energy, a connected emotion.

I am so glad to live during the time of U2.

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