May 1, 2010

Sporting Madness: Football: The U2 draft

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Found this interesting take on the NFL draft on Sporting Here is an excerpt with a link to the full post.


In order to really enjoy the NFL draft, though, you have to keep extensive tabs on a lot of prospects. It's fun, but it either takes a fair bit of effort or you miss out on a lot of the significance. Thus, I present an alternative draft that you can enjoy without a lot of studying; picking a U2 song to represent each team. I got the idea from New York Times NFL writer Judy Battista, who started the idea up with a suggestion for the Raiders, "Bad" (coincidentally, my favourite U2 song of all time):

Thus, I went through the first round and picked a song for each team. I tweeted them all at the time (you can
follow me on Twitter here if these sorts of random sports observations appeal to you), but figured I'd lay them out in draft pick order here, along with some relevant lyrics from each song. (Note; I did this before the draft, so this is in initial order and does not include any draft-day trades). Two teams, the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers, did not have first-round picks thanks to trades, but I included them anyway under where the spot where they would have picked without trades. Here's the list, along with a few alternate songs that would also work for certain teams. (All lyrics fromelyrics).

1. St. Louis Rams (chose Sam Bradford):

Song: "All I Want Is You"

Rationale: This is a pretty good description of the importance of a number-one pick, and also the massive amounts of money you have to pay them, especially for a quarterback like Bradford.

Relevant Lyrics: "You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
You say you want your story to remain untold/But all the promises we made/
From the cradle to the grave/When all I want is you"

Read the full post here:

Sporting Madness: Football: The U2 draft
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