May 8, 2010

U2 Performs for Gerry Ryan

Source: @U2
Published: May 6, 2010


@U2, May 06, 2010

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U2 remembered Irish broadcasting legend Gerry Ryan with a performance of "With or Without You" during Ryan's funeral in Dublin. The band, however, were in New York City and their performance was shown at the ceremony via satellite. "Calling from New York on the Ryan Line, Ryan Line still open," Bono sang at the start of the song. He ended it with, "Goodbye Gerry, see you down the road."Ryan died last Friday in Dublin; Bono and Edge went on Irish radio Saturday to share their memories of him.
There's about two minutes of U2's performance on the RTE web site. I suspect this is a video clip, but being outside Ireland, I can only hear the audio. We're told this is just an audio clip, even inside Ireland. We'll update this with any additional audio/video/details as we find them.

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