May 2, 2010

U2360: in ZooTV Style

It has been a while since I've tried this, and tonight, I am in the mood. So, from Glendale, Arizona, October 20th 2010, I give you multiple youtube videos of "Until The End of The World".

For this to work, you'll need your display set to a high resolution, and then you need to start each video below, then pause them, so the vis start loading up, then rewind them to the very beginning.

Now, follow the instructions below. You may need to hit pause here and there to get the sync perfect, cuz my timing may not be perfect, but if done right, you can have all videos in sync, showing multiple views, multiple perspectives, from fans during the one song. Basically given you their eyes from around the the same time.

UPDATE: After trying this, I'd suggest that if you have problems getting them in sync, to PAUSE and UNPAUSE the bottom 2 videos to get them synced, then sync the top one to them. At around 3:30 it gets kinda cool!

Lemme know!!!

Start the video below THREE-FOUR seconds into the first one.

Start the last video NINE seconds after starting the video above:

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