May 26, 2010

Uh oh... An American Idol finalist could make money off U2

And we come back to a common theme on AllU2: Those who cover the band. To cover a U2 song, you need to bring soul into the song. You can't just sing it, nor can you pretend you "feel" the song as you perform it. It has to come from a real place, that starts with a true understanding of what the song is about , as U2 originally intended.

If you succeed, you will perform an amazing version of a U2 song, and I will gladly share it with the world. But if you FAIL...well, I'll still share it, lol, but only to show U2ters an example of someone who does not have the right soul to sing a U2 song.

Tonight, Lee, one of the two finalists on American Idol, performed "Beautiful Day", and in my opinion, he completely butchered it. I'd call it an epic FAIL.  The video is below, and while you check it out, read the article below, for some scary news, that if he wins, Lee will release "Beautiful Day" as his first single.

Nothing is sacred anymore. I'm just sayin'

To see examples of Others singing U2 songs with soul and true emotion, click here and here to see my previous posts and videos on this exact topic.

Source: Zap2it
Published 5-25-10

Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze have revealed their debut singles, and for the first time in "Idol" history, they're cover songs.

In the past, the winner of each season of
 "American Idol" has released an original song as a debut single. In Season 6 and Season 7, the winners (Jordin Sparks and David Cook, respectively) released songs written by American Idol Songwriter contest winners. The winner of Season 8, Kris Allen, released "No Boundaries" as his debut single, which was co-written by judgeKara DioGuardi.

This season's winner, be it 
Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox, will be the first "American Idol" to release a cover song as his or her first post-Idol single. Bowersox's first single will be "Up On a Mountain," by Patty Griffin. On the heels of U2's canceled tour, DeWyze's first single is the band's "Beautiful Day," from their 2000 album "All That You Can't Leave Behind." 
The contestants performed "Up On a Mountain" and "Beautiful Day" as their final songs on the May 25 episode, as their last performances before voting opens for the finale. Bowersox and DeWyze are both songwriters themselves, so regardless of which contestant wins on May 26, we expect we'll be seeing new original material from each of them before too long

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