July 20, 2010

3 Questions for U2360 2010

If you are a member of U2.com you may have gotten this in your e-mail inbox today. If not, here is what I got in mine.

Seems that U2 wants you to interact with them on this leg of the tour. I am excited thinking about how the visuals and now audio will be used in the show. Read below, and let me know your thoughts!


Not long now! The tour opens up in Turin in less than three weeks and as one of our European subscribers, you have a special opportunity to get involved.

Show Director Willie Williams has been telling us about ideas the production team are working on with the band for the new dates. You might remember a couple of months back we invited you to submit three simple questions. That worked, we were inundated!

What the team need now are more MP3 audio files of your questions and - because the tour is now set to open in Europe - more European voices. (If you record them in your native language, please also add an English translation)

The questions are simple - one U2 question, one personal question, one philosophical question.

They can be serious or trivial, quite ridiculous... or quite important.

Read more and upload your MP3 here

Thanks and maybe see you on the road
The U2.com Team

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