July 30, 2010

U2 Soundcheck?

I am hearing reports from various sources about today's possible soundcheck in Turin. U2 gigs is cautiously reporting on two italian articles that have differing info on what happened today at the stadium. U2 gigs posted this:

At the start of the afternoon in Turin today, a soundcheck took place at the Stadio Olimpico. It seems that this may well have been the first by the actual band with Bono; that is the report (in Italian) on U2Italia, but U2Place's article(also in Italian) is more cautious and does not say for sure whether it was the band or a pre-recording.

The songs reportedly rehearsed today are:

City of Blinding Lights
Where The Streets Have No Name

Slow Dancing and Moment of Surrender were also mentioned.

UPDATE 5PM EST: I am hearing that the music played in the stadium may have only been a speaker test, but I can not confirm nor deny either yet. So, take this as it is: a rumour.

To read the entire post by the amazing people at U2gigs, CLICK RIGHT HERE. 

Also visit U2gigs to see pics of the lighting test done. Find that post here. 

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