August 6, 2010

August 5th U2 Rehearsals in Turin + Pizza Delivery!

Thanks to U2gigs, U2place, and U2italia for the great updates on the happenings in Turin. Today, U2 did not rehearse a full show, but did run through some songs. Here is what they played:

Space Oddity/New Intro
Beautiful Day
New Slow Song, played twice
The Flowering Rose of Glastonbury, played 5 times
Elevation, played twice
Discotheque/Crazy Tonight Remix
MLK, three times


Space Oddity/New Intro
Beautiful Day
In A Little While
Miss Sarajevo
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Crazy Tonight Remix/Discotheque

And, for the lucky fans outside the stadium? Pizzas, delivered by U2!

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