November 5, 2010

Could this be The Edge?

The EdgeCover of The Edge
I hesitated on posting this, because details are vague, but I will tell you what my source told me and let you listen and decide if you think this is real or not.

Careful to not reveal who gave me this, let's just say someone I know claims to have been in an NYC studio as a part of Eric Benet's tour, and says The Edge was in the studio next to them. He also says he held up a mic to the door and recorded this clip. There is talking over it, and I wish there wasn't, lol. They clearly don't recognize the riff being played as "The Fly". I do not recognize the riff played in the beginning behind the guys talking, though. And is someone singing as well at the end, or is that something else?

Could this really be The Edge messing around in the studio next door? Maybe tuning his guitar or warming up? I can't say for sure if I believe it, but I have asked for more audio (and more details) from my source, to see what comes from it.

Click HERE to listen to the clip I was sent, and decide for yourself if this is real or not. Please post your thoughts in the comments. Is it real, or have I been duped?

WARNING: the clip contains adult language, for those who may be offended....

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  1. I'm going to check out some of the U2 tour dates when it makes its way to NY in 2011, so I will see you hopefully from NY.