April 20, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Minnesota

The name of this blog is All U2, All The Time, and for good reason. Anything U2 piques my interest, regardless of how big or small the story. I found this article on the ocregister.com, about MLB's Minnesota Twins using U2 music.

I've pasted the U2 part of the article here, with credit to the writer. If you're interested in the full article, or want to see it in it's original form, visit the ocregister site here.



MINNEAPOLIS – They walked off the field to the sound of "Beautiful Day" for the third consecutive day. But the weather outside was more fitting to the Angels' mood – gray and cold with intermittent drizzle.
Their pitching stabilized for a day by Shane Loux and Daniel Davidson, the Angels could manage just four hits of their own as the Minnesota Twins completed a sweep with a 3-1 victory Sunday afternoon at the Metrodome (prompting the U2 send-off for the home crowd).


Many U2 songs have been used in circumstances which have nothing to do with the song's original intent. Most non-U2 fans don't have the understanding of what Bono's doing in his lyrics. What I find interesting is that Beautiful Day is not necessarily about a sunny, warm day, where everything is perfect, and in this case, probably without realizing, it seems a tad appropriate for the Twins to play it after a win, especially on a rainy, gray day.

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