April 19, 2009


Perhaps it was memory.

Perhaps it was the weather.

Perhaps it was a little of both.

There are times when the weather is just right, and the lighting of the falling sun gives off just enough heat to counteract a soft, cool breeze. A perfect night to be outside.

Perfect weather for an outdoor concert.

I've been to my share of outdoor shows, some U2, some not. But last night, after dinner, the night was one that just felt perfect for an outdoor concert. I was reminded of those nights at outdoor shows where the night is warm, yet filtered by a cool breeze that feels refreshing against your skin. There's a certain feel to these kind of nights, where the air is full of electricity, energy and emotion. And I, warm from movement, and soaking up the atmosphere, watch the Greatest Band In The World perform on stage.

The sound carries beyond the ring of the stadium or ballpark, echoing off the wall of people in the stands, and nearby buildings of the city the show is in.

A connection is made, and everything just falls into place. Music, movement, mood combined in one emotion, on the perfect night to see a U2 show.

Last night, I washed dishes after dinner, feeling the air slide through the screens of my home's open windows. I couldn't help but think that this would have been a perfect night to see U2360. So, I grabbed my iPod, plugged it into my speaker system and turned NLOTH up. The music fit the moment, and I couldn't help but hear the songs from the perspective of a fan in a crowd, on the perfect night, watching the boys on stage. Each song felt new, and electric. I can only imagine what it will be like when I get my chance to see this tour for myself.

I am a U2 fan.

For 25 years, U2 music has been a part of each moment of my life, like an ever-changing soundtrack, that sometimes just fits so perfectly.

Like last night.

Perhaps it was all in my head.

Perhaps it was something a little bit more.

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