May 12, 2009

My Band

It could be a lyric, or a particular sound or rhythm of a song.

It could be that U2's music was around during every moment in my life (since 1983), and that I remember those songs from those moments.

Quiet honestly, I am not exactly sure of one specific reason that I am so into this band.

I can tell you that U2, to me, is like the air I breathe. I know nothing else. I can't imagine a world without U2 music in it. Their music brings me home, if you will. Sometimes it reminds me of childhood, other times it reminds me of those specific moments in my life that just seemed to harmonize perfectly with a lyric or mood. I've cried to their music, and I've been lifted by their music. I've run the spectrum of emotions through Bono's words and Edge's sounds. That's why a U2 live show is a journey in and of itself for me. Like a well-written movie or book, I find myself running through a variety of emotions and moods in a very natural-feeling way.

Perhaps part of it is because I discovered U2 in 1983, when I was twelve. Like old toys or games, or TV shows from childhood that you stumble upon today and cause you to reminisce, U2 reminds me of who I was and where I was back then, and who I am and where I am now.

Somewhere along the 26 year journey, a connection was made. I'm guessing it was instant, and I just didn't understand it yet. Over the years the connection has reached deeper into my growing self, and has established itself in the very fabric of my being. U2 is a part of me like the air I breathe. I know nothing different, and can not imagine a world without U2 music in it. It's not even a choice for me...

Because it's U2.

And they are my band.

Thank you for reading my blog.


  1. couldn't agree more chris....They truly are the gods of rock music, the most important thing is that even after setting such high standards they never disappiont us....some people might say the fame has gotten into Bono's heads...but I d say he is the ultimate rockstar..nd a rockstar is a guy with a hole in his heart as big as his attitude !!.They create magic !!We are so lucky to be in this era !!Good work mate !!!Keep it up

  2. I have just turned 18....but still I have all their songs...nd these songs define music for me

  3. Great way of putting it, Automatic Baby. A Guy with a hole in his heart as big as his attitude. Thanks for the kind words! Welcome to the blog!

  4. "A Guy with a hole in his heart as big as his attitude." - Sir Bono