May 12, 2009

One Song, Many Singers

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Being a U2 fan does no good for other bands who try to cover them or sound like them. At least in my world, that is. I tend to be dismissive and frustrated. Why listen to them when I can get what they are trying to give me, from U2? The Real Thing.

Needless to say, I will always give the artist a chance to make an impression on me. Johnny Cash did that with his wonderful version of One. Then came Mary J. Blige. Perhaps I am biased because of how she treated me and our radio station when she visited a few years back (was a total b*&$h), but I found her version of the song to be dreadful...with forced efforts at having soul. It lacked what U2 gives to the song: heart and soul.

I also remember seeing a couple Idol contestants from last season perform "One" on Ellen, and it, too, was terrible. A U2 song without U2 needs to come from deep within for it to work for me.

Tonight, there is a rumor that Idol Contestant, Adam Lambert, might sing"One" tonight. My first reaction: Uh-oh.

I will give the guy a chance, and I hope he proves me wrong, if he does do the song. But, for it to work, Mr. Lambert, you'll need to find the song inside you first, then let it resonate in your voice.

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