June 16, 2009

Fergie is challenged by opening for U2

Source: Celebrity Blog

Fergie finds it ‘challenging’ to support U2 on tour

Posted by: celebrityandworld on: June 16, 2009

Fergie Fergie has said she will find it “challenging” to support U2 on tour, for she grew up listening to the tunes of the Irish rock band.

The singer, whose group Black Eyed Peas is due to open for the ”One” rockers at five shows on their upcoming world tour, confessed she was nervous about the whole thing.

“It’’s going to be amazing. I remember going to see U2 in high school – I went on two different dates to U2 concerts, so now to be on that stage, it’’s going to be challenging. We definitely have to bring it at those shows,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

The London Bridge hitmaker further revealed she was excited while preparing for their biggest-ever headlining shows.

She told Billboard.com: “It’’s going to be the biggest tour, production-wise, that we”ve ever done. We”re actually planning for that now, which we”ve never done before — actually plan for a tour.

“It’’s usually just learn the songs by performing at festivals and that’’s our show. But now we”re stepping it up. We had some visuals before, but now we are going to have a lot more, and we”re really excited about that.”

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