June 16, 2009

Rehearsal Report

From U2start forums:



This post will spoil some surprises for you. Be aware of!

This evening have began the first non-prerecorded rehearsals on the Nou Camp.

According to this topic (on the spanish forum EastLink), created by a guy who lives really near to the stadium, today about 19:35 spanish hour (just one hour and a half ago) have began the first non-prerecorded rehearsals, being Unknown Caller the first song to be rehearsed. After that, organ backing tracks (played live) for Magnificent and Moment of Surrender, and the main riff of No Line On The Horizon played live too. For last, organ track for Stand Up Comedy (pre-recorded, not live) and organ intro + guitar riff of Unknown Caller again.

No vocals yet.

Obviously we cannot know if the guitar and/or the organ were being played by The Edge, or by Dallas and Terry (guitar and organ techs respect.), but hthey were live for sure

This has began, people

I will update tomorrow if the rehearsals continue

-------- end of forum post

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