June 1, 2009

Not sure how true this is, but...

From Mirror.co.uk:

see below, or click here to see the article on its original post, including the spelling error....does this sound legit to you?


Rock star Bono got lost in N o 10 Downing Street after downing glasses of wine over dinner with ex-PM Tony Blair.

"We had a lovely evening," the U2 singer said on Irish TV.

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"It was almost midnight when he had an urgent call to make and asked if I would let myself out. I might have had one glass of wine more than him and ended up getting lost. Here I was in the corridors of No 10 with pictures of everyone including Lloyd George looking down at me.

"I eventually ended up in the basement and was approached by a bobby who asked me if I was lost."

1 comment:

  1. It's true, according to Bono. He was telling the story (better than this does) during The Late Late Show U2 were just on. I think I'd also read it somewhere else a while back—maybe in U2 by U2, or something like it.