June 23, 2009

U2 cover band live at Red Rocks

Source: Summitdaily.com

Under a Blood Red Sky — The U2 Tribute band — induced 9,000 U2 fans to sing “With or Without You” at the top of their lungs at Red Rocks.

“To get to be the only U2 tribute to ever recreate their original concert up there was an amazing honor,” said vocalist Billy “Bono” Bunting.

Under a Blood Red Sky puts together new set lists from famous U2 tours — complete with replicated wardrobes and video that portrays the years of the legendary band's career.

“We defiantly take an extreme attention to detail regarding our reproduction of famous U2 concerts,” he said. “The diehard U2 fans in Colorado continue to come see us again and again because we care to make sure that it is as authentic as we can make it. We are a ‘tribute band,' not a ‘cover band,' as there is a difference.”

Bunting played with drummer Jerry “Larry” Bousquet and bass player Todd “Adam” Brown for more than 10 years as XLulu, an original band that toured with Bad Company and Ted Nugent. But Bunting started thinking more and more of forming a U2 tribute band.

The first concert Bunting ever saw was U2's “The War Tour” in 1981. Though he grew up in Guilford, Conn., he immediately ran out and bought the video “U2 Live at Red Rocks” and immersed himself in the music, which led him to fantasize about playing at Red Rocks.

“Twenty-five years later I created Under A Blood Red Sky as a way to honor the band that inspired me to be a singer,” he said.

The Denver-based band is the most authentic U2 tribute this side of Dublin. In addition to playing to a sold-out crowd at Red Rocks, the band has toured The House of Blues in Hollywood, Anaheim, San Diego, Chicago and more, commemorating the 25th anniversary of U2.

“Everything we do sound-wise is down to the letter as far as equipment goes — in building the guitar rig, effects and guitars themselves,” he said. “Jerry's drum set and set up are exact. Bottom line is that I wouldn't touch doing a project like this unless we nailed it. I mean, these are my heroes too, so I wouldn't do Under a Blood Red Sky unless I think we do it justice. Nine thousand fans at Red Rocks thought we did — so that's good enough for me.”

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